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Origin:United States
Specification:PT. Eltama Perkasa is a Contractor Company, which focusing in Sports Flooring and Commercial Flooring.

In Eltama Perkasa, we use the rapidly - growing technology and science, as a reason why our products will satisfy your needs of Flooring.

Our products are internationally licensed. FIFA, ITF, FIBA, IAAF, IBF, FIH, have been officially gives their certificate for our products.

For Soccer and Indoor soccer, we use an artificial grass, which is undoubtedly better and simpler for its maintenance. In facts, the artificial grass is used in many stadiums in the world. It can also be used for Tennis, Rugby, Golf, Hockey, and even a landscape.

The artificial grass offers us many benefits, such as easier maintenance, replaceable, flat surface, shock absorber, and many options for its color. We can also combine it colors and make it way more interesting. It is safer to fall on this artificial grass, and it is bold. You don’ t need to worry its strength. Our artificial grass had the latest technology in itself.

In general, we are offering you two kinds of artificial grass. The first one is made in USA. And the second is made in China. Since they are the best in their class, it is really up to you to choose one of them for your field. Match it with your needs. And for your information, both of them are FIFA * and FIFA * * licensed.

Our artificial grasses are considered as few of the best artificial grass, which have a great combination between great quality and efficient price. Polygrasse, is the name. As the proof, we have been finished our projects in many cities in Indonesia.

This is our projects’ references:
1.Golden Futsal Cikokol - Tangerang
2.Kick Off 44 Bogor - Jawa Barat
3.Goals Futsal Lebakbulus - Jakarta Selatan
4.Galaxy Futsal Palembang
5.Arena Futsal Raden Inten II - Bekasi
6.Tifosi Futsal Tasikmalaya - Jawa Barat
7.Capitol Futsal Sukabumi - Jawa Barat
8.Arena Futsal Akses UI - Depok
9.Nambo Futsal Mauk - Tangerang
10.Speed Futsal Malang - Jawa Timur
11.Coppa Futsal Solo - Jawa Tengah
12.Kharisma Futsal Cirebon - Jawa Barat
13.Cimahpar Futsal Bogor - Jawa Barat
14.Silma Futsal Bintara - Bekasi
15.Megamas Futsal Manado - Sulawesi Utara
16.Liquid Futsal Jogjakarta - Jawa Tengah
17.Soccer Futsal Jogjakarta - Jawa Tengah
18.San Siro Futsal Medan
19.Futsal 1818 Jagakarsa - Depok
20.Liga Futsal Cimone - Tangerang
21.Jaya Remaja Futsal Batu Ampar - Jakarta Timur
22.Deli Plaza Futsal Medan - Sumatera Utara
23.Pangrango Plaza Bogor - Jawa Barat
24.Geger Girang Futsal Gegerkalong - Bandung
25.Jampea Futsal Makassar - Sulawesi Selatan
26.Calcio Futsal Cibinong
27.Zam - Zam Futsal Bogor - Jawa Barat
28.Petro Futsal - Purwokerto
29.Lembang Futsal - Bandung
30.Pesona Modern Futsal - Banjarmasin
31.Bumi Futsal - Cibinong
32.Total Futsal - Medan
33.Meazza Soccer Dome - Bali
34.Caesar Futsal Center - Tenggarong
35.Jalan Baru Futsal Bogor - Jawa Barat
36.Pertiwi Al Marfu Futsal - Bekasi
37.Global Futsal - Bekasi
38.Goals Futsal - Pekanbaru
30.Net Futsal - Senggigi Lombok
40.Mareno Futsal - Blitar
41.BIM Futsal - Bengkulu
42.SAR Futsal - Kerawang
43.Jalan Pesut Futsal - Tenggarong
44.Jogjaland Futsal Jogjakarta - Jawa Tengah
45.GOR Pangestu Futsal - Bekasi
46.House De Anton Futsal - Cianjur
47.Univ. Pamulang Futsal - Tangerang
48.Cipondoh Futsal - Tangerang
49.Papua Trade Center Futsal Jayapura - Irian Jaya
50.Perintis Futsal Deli Serdang - Medan
51.Akbar Futsal - Bontang Kalimantan Timur
52.Jack Futsal - Malang Jawa Timur
53.Futsal Boyolali – Boyolali
54.United Futsal Stadium – Kudus
55.Champions Futsal – Bukit Tinggi
56.Mex Futsal – Aceh
57.Sejati Futsal – Pekanbaru
58.New My Futzal , Manado
59.Rony Futsal, Duri Riau
60.My Futzal, Bitung
61.Mega Futsal, Bengkulu
62.De Goal Futsal, Balikpapan
63.Orion 2 Futsal, Samarinda
64.Mataram Futsal - Mataram Mal Lombok
65.Beka Futsal - Bontang Kalimantan Timur
66.Garuda Futsal - Citayam Depok
67.Futsal di Singaraja , Bali
68.Futsal di Jimbaran , Bali
69. Futsal di Gatsu , Bali
70. Futsal di Bondowoso, Jawa Timur
71. Futsal di Beuren, NAD
72. Futsal di Banda Aceh
73. Futsal di Semarang
74. Futsal di Banjarmasin
75. Futsal di Bukit Tinggi
76. Futsal di Nunukan
77. Futsal di Samarinda Seberang
78. Futsal di Cibinong
79. Futsal di Serang
80. Futsal di Pemalang
81. Futsal di Jonggol
82. Futsal di Ciamis
83. Futsal di Jakbar

Our another products is listed as below:
1. Vinyl Floor
Vinyl floor is internationally regarded as the official field for futsal. But not only for futsal, vinyl can also be used for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and many other sports field. Our number one product in vinyl is from Graboplast, which have been working in vinyl since 1905. You don’ t even need to question their capability in making a great vinyl floor.
2. Rubber Floor
As for rubber floor, it is usually used for playground and fitness floor. We give you two options for this kind of floor. The standard one, which is squared-made, and the liquid-form, so it shape can be exactly as you need it to be.
3. Interlocking Floor
This product’ s is a non-permanent floor. It is made of plastic, free of maintenance, shock-absorber, and instantly applied on your floor.
4. Parquette
Parquette is wood-made. It usually used for futsal, volleyball, and badminton field. It is quite popular in Indonesia.

For your further information please contact :
Bobby Suwondo ( 0812-9933477 )
( 021 – 5869561 )

Email us : eltama@ cbn.net.id

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Vito Pandu [Marketing]
Mobile Number:0821 2467 1555
Phone Number:0821 2467 1555
Fax Number:62-21-5869561
Address:Ruko Intercon Megah Blok W3 No.18. Taman Kebon Jeruk Intercon
Jakarta Barat 11640, Jakarta
Cabang Bali : Jl. Badak Agung X No. 22, Renon, Denpasar, Bali
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